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We offer a complete range of railway switch specially designed for every transportation situation.

Our switches are manufactured to international standards.

We design, manufacture and assemble switches and crossings.

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  • Crossings

    The reliability of Bosheng’s turnout products are proved by Chinese railway and overseas railway authorities. We have manufactured turnout for rail UIC54, UIC60, BS80A, BS100A, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kg and all others.We supply different crossings such as high manganese steel frog, monobloc crossing, swing nose crossing, diamond crossing for both normal and high speed railways.We can offer design according to your requirement.

  • Expansion rail joint

    Rail expansion joints are required when tracks are laid across civil engineering structures (large bridges or viaducts). These constructions change their length because of external influences like traffic load, temperature and wind. Occasionally, these loads lead to rotations of the end span in the abutment connection.

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