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Railway Tie Plate

A tie plate, base plate or sole plate is a steel plate used on rail tracks between the rail and the crossties. The tie plate increases bearing area and holds the rail to correct gauge. They are fastened to wooden sleeper by means of spikes or bolts through holes in the plate. We supply any type of base plate suitable for various rail sections. The base plate can be casted, forged or rolled.

The types of baseplate we supply can be divided into the following categories, cast tie plate, e clip type tie plate, double shoulder tie plate, hook twin tie plate and UIC standard sole plate.

We can produce any type of baseplate according to customers’ drawings.

  • E clip type tie plate

    We have manufactured e clip type baseplate in the way of rolling, casting and forging. The e clip type baseplate are used in combination of the elastic clip or shoulder.We produce according to customers’ requirement.

  • Double shoulder tie plate

    The double shoulder tie plate are mostly hot rolled and then punched and sheared to size, this is widely used in the NA market.We have also provided forged double shoulder tie plates. This is mostly applied when quantity requirement is relatively small.We have developed several types of double shoulder tie plate for 5 1/2” and 6” rail base. The rail section or the width of the rail base should be specified when ordering.

  • Cast/Forged baseplate

    We produce a considerable amount of cast base plate or forged base plate, for use on wooden, concrete or steel sleepers or ballast-less tracks used with elastic fastening or K type fastening system. Material normally used are GGG40, GGG50, S235JR or upon request.