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Vossloh fastening system

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The vossloh fastening system or SKL fastening system is very widely used in heavy haul, high speed or standard track, among them W14 fastening system is the most popular one.

The vossloh fastening system is made up screw spike, screw dowel, SKL tension clamp, guide plate and rail pad.

One set of vossloh fastening system include:

4 screw spike + 4 screw dowel + 4 SKL tension clamp + 4 guide plate +2 rail pad

More information about the fastening components:

Screw spike:

Screw spike, also known as Tirefond or sleeper screw, and it is called timber screw in America. Screw spikes are used for fastening baseplates and rails to timber sleepers.

Screw spikes are used for indirect or direct fastenings of rails on concrete and wooden sleepers. 

We can supply a wide range of screw spikes, manufactured to international standards according to BS, ASTM and DIN, and others.

The screw spikes can be tailored to meet the needs of any track system.

Some types of screw spike we produced are ASTM A66-87 screw spike, UIC864-1 screw spike (Ss series Ss8, Ss23, Ss25, Ss35, Ss36, DHS35 etc), 3V screw spike meet to NF F50-006, to name just a few.


Screw dowel:

Screw dowel is produced with the material HDPE or PA66, it is pressed in concrete sleeper and used in combination with the screw spike. We have screw dowel Sdu9, Sdu25


SKL tension clamp:

We have SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, material used is 60Si2CrA or 38Si7


Guide plate

The guide plate is also called insulator, it is of different shape with e clip type insulator (GPI).

Angle guide plate is used under tension clamp to keep the rail in lateral position and the lateral forces are passed on to the concrete sleeper by means of guide plate. We have Wfp 14k 14.5, Wfp 14k 12 etc


Rail pad:

Some types of rail pad used with the vossloh fastening system are ZW686, ZW687, ZW700… 

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